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I want a guy....
Dec 8, 2012 | 0Superstar (s)!

I want a guy who can act himself around me and isnt afraid to share his feelings with me. I can call him as bestfriend and lover. Who's there for me whenever I need him. Who listens to me when I'm talking, and understands what I talk about ;( Who I can act COMPLETELY stupid around without him judging me. Who accepts me with everything I can give, not just bits and pieces. Who loves me no matter what. Who thinks Im beatiful even when I'm not wearing any makeup or if wearing a bundle stuff. Maybee?? Who I can cuddle with when Im not feeling good. Who just kisses me to shut me up when Im arguing with him. Who will talk to me until the sun comes up. Who hugs me from behind when I dont know it. Who holds my hand me. Who I can play rough with and he will let me win :') 

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