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Aug 30, 2012 | 1Superstar (s)!

Long time no update my blog due to my busy life and a lot of thing to doWell lately I've been feeling very lonely and depressed about my life. I pretty much lost a lot of friends and now no longer hang out with the same circle of people. I find I have a lot of acquantinces but not many real friends. I just hate being alone and by myself all the time, because that is when I sit and think about everything and I get down and depressed. My best friend isnt there for me, and I just feel like I have no real friends who care, or yet friends at all. I always go out my way to help others, I always make time, and its like it all back fires on me or something. I dont understand. I'm so stressed out about everything everyday it changes and my view of my future is different and i just have all that and more on my shoulders. I'm just so stuck and it is really hurting me so much. I'm trying to be so strong but inside I'm so broken. And this is all becoming way too much stress on me. I just want out, and I need some help. Nobody knows about my problems because I'm too afraid to tell anyone, even my parents. I hold it all in because I'm so scared. 

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